How to improve the quality of washing using a bite

Now very few who do not have home washing machine. Modern technology helps improve a person's existence, and that machine-gun just perfect fit into our lives. Use of such a device is simple and convenient. But, it is important to bear in mind that the quality of washing clothes is influenced by not only the method of washing, but also cleaner.

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Yes, that is so tough? - you might say. I agree, it is now a huge range of different detergents in supermarkets: for color, to white, to silk, wool, for stubborn stains. But is it good all these powders, as stated on their advertising? Of course, you can continue to acquire the funds, but it is necessary to take note of a wonderful method of washing with a conventional white vinegar! You need to complete their normal washing this product, and you just marvel at the results!

By itself, the vinegar will not replace you the same washing powder or gel for washing. But he at times increases the efficiency of all of these funds!

Let's find out all the advantages of washing with vinegar.

1. First you start washing, you need to prepare clothing. To do this, simply apply it about 1/2 cup vinegar. So you can avoid streaks after washing soap, which sometimes so spoils the appearance of dark things. In addition, the colors remain bright, and we all know that 3-4 washing, and tissue paler.

2. Now you need to pour vinegar into the bay, which is in the washing machine is designed for fabric softeners. Incidentally, all these softeners - solid chemistry. While vinegar is composed exclusively of natural ingredients. So do not be aggressive effect on tissue.

3.Soderzhaschayasya consisting of vinegar acid destroys the dirt but no fiber fabric. Even with white clothes spots go very effective!

4.Mozhno add approximately 100 ml of vinegar in the rinse to avoid certainly the soap residue.

5.Uksus freshens clothes. product smell itself completely neutralized, moreover, leave and other unpleasant odors. You need to wash your clothes in the usual way by adding the above-mentioned compartment vinegar, then rinse commit.

6.Vevshiesya old stains that does not output, should be washed as follows. Fill the basin hot water pour 1/2 cup vinegar, stir and soak into the tissue solution. Leave clothes on all night and in the morning you can wash the thing in the usual way. You can also pour pure vinegar on the stain, rub it harder, and then only to soak in a solution of vinegar and the next day to wash in the machine.

7.Sherst and other tissues begin to electrify. But if the thing to soak in water with the addition of a pair of spoons of vinegar for half an hour, this will not happen.

8. If you use vinegar in the washing time, you can get rid of the animal hairs adhering to clothes. And it happens that even the washing machine in a detergent, the fine hairs do not disappear.

9.I still important fact! With regular addition of vinegar in the washing machine during washing, you can prevent the formation of limescale in the machine itself. Therefore, you do not need to be periodically use a variety of chemicals for cleaning.

So, let's sum up. Through the use of the wash of vinegar, you can stop using air conditioners, softeners fabric, improve the quality of washing, win static electricity and protect your washing machine from failure! Should take note!

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