Quotes, motivation of my mother and my mother, who touched to tears and give strength

Motherhood - a great everyday work. Often hand down from fatigue, cries of children and the husband demands. 20 quotes about motherhood, which perk up, give a good mood, raise self-esteem.

Keep them to yourself, you do not lose and go back to them whenever you feel tired, weak, when there is no power from the cares and troubles. And remember that in addition to beautiful phrases mother should take care of yourself, to give yourself time to rest from their children and husband, remember that it is - a woman.

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After becoming a mother, a woman forever deprives himself of the right to be weak.
(Díaz de Mirud)

Who said that angels do not exist? Just on their land is called "mother".
(author unknown)

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
(William Wallace)

The man loves his mother, almost without realizing it, without feeling, because it is as natural as life itself, and only at the moment of the last parting, he notices how deep the roots of this love. No other affection is not comparable with that, because all the others - are random, and this innate, all others imposed on us later various everyday circumstances, and this lives with our first day in our very blood. And then, then you lose it's not only the mother, and with it goes half our childhood itself, because our life, little children's life belongs to it as much as ourselves. She alone knew it as we are.

(Guy de Maupassant)

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Believe me, as long as you have a mother, you are happy. No riches of the world, no people and luxury will not replace it.
(author unknown)

I - his mother, and his mother is never lonely.
(Catherine Deneuve).

If men had to bear, none of them would not have more than one child.
(Princess Diana)

The first gift, that gives us a mother - that's life, and the second - love, and the third - an understanding.
(Dirk Brouwer)

Mother of many children could easily replace several air traffic controllers.
(Lori Olter)

Mom always make us feel the people of a higher class than we really are.
(David Lloyd Spalding)

Many centuries of effort alchemists could not create life! But the woman is able to do this in just 280 days!
(Edward Elric)

Children - anchors that hold a mother to life.

Mother - this is the man who saw 4 pieces of cake on the 5 x eaters, says she never wanted him and did not.
(T. Jordan)

A striking fact that the majority of men of genius were wonderful mother that they have gained a lot more from their mothers than from their fathers.
(Henry Buckle)

20 inspirational, motivation quotes for mom / istockphoto.com

Only love, in which I believe - a mother's love for her child.
(Karl Lagerfeld)

Only my mother holds us all his life: 9 months are abdominal pain, and 3-x years in the hands of... and all life - the heart.
(Author unknown)

In all languages, crossing oceans, the first word of a man - the word "mama".
(Author unknown)

The child - the only person who still: you are fat or thin, beautiful or not. He loves you just because you're his mom ...
(Author unknown)

Motherhood - fact. Fatherhood - opinion.
(Oscar Wilde)

Women are weak, but strong mother.
(Victor Hugo)
When a woman gives birth to a child is born a new life. When a mother looks into his eyes, she is looking into your soul. When the child begins to grow, it grows along with it.

With young children, both intellectuals when they make noise, they tell us act on the nerves when they sit quietly - is suspicious.
(Gabriel Laub)

In this world there is only one cry, containing a joy, sadness, excitement, agony, - the mother cry creation.
(Duncan Ajsedora)

If you froze at night, instead of going to pull the blanket, you go and check to see if your miracle, you're not frozen - my mother.
(Author unknown)
When you have a baby is born, you have to get used to the fact that from this day your heart beats in the other breast.
(Anna Geddes)

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