7 reasons why you should not drink carbonated beverages

There are so many reasons to give up carbonated drinks that I can not believe how many people still use them hectoliters.


That's why you can not drink colored sodas

1. full of chemicals

If you think that you do not need to give up carbonated soft drinks, think again. Even in drinks with the inscription «light» is full of artificial sweeteners and carcinogenic dyes.

2. This "empty" calories

The label on the bottle contains high calorie drink, with most of the calories come from refined sugars. And in most cases, not even natural sugar and corn syrup, high fructose, which can cause hormonal disturbances and damage the liver.

3. weaken bones

Studies have shown that there are two reasons why people who use large amounts of carbonated beverages have weak bones.

Firstly, soda chemicals can cause increased calcium excretion. Second, the use of these beverages deprives us of the desire to drink milk, yogurt or buttermilk, which are the main source of this element. In any case, both theories have to convince to give up this kind of drinks.

4. contain caffeine

For some, caffeine is an essential source of magic by which they get up out of bed and work. For others, this substance causes problems such as insomnia, anxiety, stomach problems, irregular heartbeat and breathing, and even tinnitus. If you are faced with any illness, stop drinking carbonated beverages or, at least, choose them without caffeine.

5. addictive

If you drink carbonated drinks for a long time and in large quantities, after their expulsion from the diet you will have withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, hand tremors, hunger, and terrible headaches. Sweet soda can cause the same dependence, alcohol or nicotine.

6. spoil the teeth

Carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar and phosphoric acid that causes tooth decay. How? Bacteria living in the oral cavity, eating sugar and convert it to the acid, which weakens the tooth enamel. So the teeth appear white spots. On the other hand, phosphoric acid, part of the "color" soda, prevents the absorption of calcium, and outputs it from the bone, including teeth. The more you drink carbonated beverages, the thinner your tooth enamel.

7. Weaken the immune system

After the use of effervescent drink your immune system is weakened by about 5 hours (due to the large amount of sugar), and thus, has less force to protect against viral attack. So why weaken your immune system, rather than strengthen it fresh vegetable juice?

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