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Doctors have uncovered a method of treatment. They admitted that they often have to deal with alcoholics who became a guru in the business - a heavy hangover can be reduced by using a tincture of sea buckthorn.

Doctor with 20 years of experience told about it this way: "Of course, I've seen all, but to cure a hangover buckthorn - for the first time. This helps in 30 minutes. "

Morning "hangover" destroyed using microelements tonic body. Brine, activated charcoal, coffee helps in 40-60 minutes, and sea buckthorn much faster.

For the preparation of a miracle drug guru-alcoholics from 1 kg of sea buckthorn prepared 50-60 grams of butter, and then drink it for two drinks. The oil should be warmed up 40-60◦S. In addition, the oil can be mixed with water or cook buckthorn tea. buckthorn berries can just throw it in hot water, but the effect will be less, because for a strong tea hangover will need at least 500 grams of sea buckthorn.

The sea buckthorn contains vitamins B6, B1 and C. If you drink oil to start drinking, the hangover altogether avoidable. Doctors admitted that alcoholics during a party capable of finding a way out of any situation and solve the problem, back-breaking sober.

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