5 lessons that make a person smarter: they start doing right now

In today's world, "crust" of the university does not mean anything. Man must constantly evolve. What hobbies will help develop the brain?

Many people believe that intelligence is laid at birth and it can not be changed. Neuroscientists say that gray matter can be developed up to his death. To do this, you need to choose those activities that develop new neural connections. In this case, the brain learns to work faster and more efficiently. What hobbies will help improve intelligence?

Hobbies for the mind / istockphoto.com

learning music

Playing a musical instrument - a great "charge" for the brain and intelligence. No wonder all the aristocracy necessary to study music. Playing a musical instrument, you strengthen the corpus callosum. It connects the brain. Fingering the keys or strings, you are improving brain work and memory.

Physical Education

Regular exercise helps also to form new neural connections, strengthen memory, saturate the brain with oxygen. But a sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that the brain is "atrophy" and does not reveal the potential for 100%.

Learning new languages

Learning a new language, a person creates new neural connections, enhances memory and brain learns quickly rebuilt.


Books - a great "trainer" for our gray matter. In addition, that readingreduces stressEnriches it, it also develops the emotional intelligence of man.


route planning, budget calculation, new places, experience - it's not just relaxation from work. Traveling helps the brain learn to quickly assess the situation, to survive in the most unpredictable situations, to be able to switch quickly from one activity to another.

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