Why do I need every day to walk on all fours

Going out in the morning or in the evening in the park of any city, you can observe a picture of how people, regardless of age limits, are engaged in fitness. Some people prefer to ride a bicycle, others Nordic walking, and others - simply running.

But there are other no less useful type of fitness - walking on all fours, which in China is gaining widespread popularity.

Of course we do not live in China, and probably passing on all fours in the park, for many will be savage, but at home if the squares allow, you can devote to this exercise a bit of time.

Throughout his life, most of the time the person in a horizontal position, and when walking on all fours, our the situation is changing, so that there is an outflow of venous blood from the lower extremities, which strengthens muscles and bones and joints system.

Also provided by reducing the load on the spine, it is gradually removed pain in the neck and waist, improving cerebral circulation, stimulates colon.

Walk on all fours you need on a daily basis, even if there are no underlying causes.

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To begin the exercise, remember how we as a child crawling on all fours.

Feet and hands should be based on a solid surface, while the head is down. Bend the back arc basin high lift, half-bent knees and slowly start to move down the room.

Immediately a strong load of the body to give it is not necessary, start with 10 steps, gradually increasing to 150.

Also, when washing the floors, drop the mop in hand, all these "helpers" are not good, but harm. It is better to wash the floor, on all fours. And in the house clean and give body to the load.

Walking on all fours, it improves cerebral blood circulation and strengthens muscles and bone-joint system, but people suffering from hypertension, from its execution, should be abandoned.

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