How to look for a new job, not dismissing the old

Many people prefer to play safe and look for a job while working. And how to combine it?

not advertise

Why not do it? After all employer not be pleased to hear your reasons for dismissal - small salary, A lot of responsibilities ...

And yet you still find a replacement before you leave. Do you want that?

Not worth sharing with their plans of care and with their colleagues. Otherwise, your "secret" to quickly smashed.

Adjust invisibility resume

Use the settings appear not to betray yourself ahead of time. Submit your summary and restrict access to their personal data.

How to look for a new job, not dismissing the old /

Be carefull

Do not send summary working with email and do not enter your office phone number. Do not view jobs on your computer and does not store the resume printed on the table.

Time for an interview

If it can be away for an hour or two at the office, take advantage of this opportunity. And if not - choose non-business hours: after hours or at lunchtime.

How to look for a new job, not dismissing the old /

Arguments reasons for leaving and walk away nicely

Be prepared to interview. Be sure to emphasize the positive aspects of your work and show their desire to change their place of work is dictated by the desire to achieve career heights.

If you have successfully completed interview, Congratulations - you've got a new work! Talk with your boss, thank him and explain that you want to move forward. Be sure to tell them finish all started things and help you enter into the course of a new specialist business.

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