As the wedding around the world

Wedding - one of the most sacred events in the life of the bride and groom.

However, as it turned out, wedding marriage discord. Today we will tell, as they celebrate the sacred marriage around the globe.


In some areas and villages in Switzerland still preserved the tradition of the day before the wedding the bride doused with mud from head to toe. In the truest sense of the word. The unpleasant slurry smell but it looks, the more pleased the participants of this unusual procedure. In the preparation of this infernal mixture in the course is everything: ketchup, mayonnaise, eggs, beer, yogurt, rotten leftovers. It is believed that too after such a humiliation, and all other future antics Blessed wife seem childish prank. And the scandals in the family simply will not. And not to covet a messy nobody else.

The locals of this island adhere to the ancient custom before the wedding ceremony the newlyweds rasp teeth. Just six pieces each, incisors and canines. This ritual symbolizes entry into an adult, independent life. Girls are moving into care choices from the family nest, taking off the burdens of parents taking care of yourself. Fathers have to take the rap suitors, because they have to pay for the wedding.


The peoples of Tujia, who reside in the territory of China, there are quite bitter and mournful tradition. A month before the wedding, the bride begins daily to cry bitter tears. Ten days later, instead of comfort, it joins mother, later the same amount and the remaining relatives, and on the eve of the wedding ceremony is all the bridesmaids make her company.


In this country the new husband must take place in the month of women's apparel, to experience for yourself all the charm of a female being. And his wife as a sign of the change of status is decorated with hand pattern black and red.


Wives here to be envied. They are allowed after the wedding beat, push, bite and scratch her hubby at night and during the day to rest from the exhausting training. Though not for long, just a couple of weeks. Aboriginals genuinely believe that conducting such a ritual, the wife of a lifetime to get rid of anger, and therefore will not be squabbling in the family.


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