Wedding in Dutch: Dutch 6 amazing wedding traditions

Netherlands - fairyland, wrapped in unusual myths and legends. What wedding traditions and customs of the Netherlands?

Wedding in the Netherlands - is an unforgettable event, replete with lots of happy memories and emotions, as in the wedding traditions, as well as in the characterization of the state, is integrally coupled to the timidity and lust, devotion, customs and freedom of morals, as well as material well-being and Romanticism. Well, if we talk specifically about Wedding traditions and ceremoniesthis country, they are sometimes very surprising, because the fact that the Dutch considered acceptable, it may seem more than strange for our world.

Wedding traditions and customs of the Netherlands


Legend of the dowry. Local residents say the state - a tradition that "the bride take dowry", was born precisely in The Netherlands, according to ancient legend, which deals with a girl from a wealthy family, gathered under the crown for the poor. Despite the ban on parents, the couple is still married, and for that to a young family back on its feet, they presented to the wedding all that is so necessary in family life, from the dishes and finishing bedding accessories.

First wedding, and then painted. According to the laws of that country wedding takes place before the marriage ceremony, and the parents of the young, in contrast to the Ukrainian mothers and fathers, persuade children not to rush things with the wedding - to start advised to live in cohabiting relationships, and experience all the delights of family life "A" to "Z".

Celebration in the narrow family circle. The wedding was celebrated in the Netherlands, surrounded by the most close and dear people. There are not welcome magnificent event, so the number of visitors is strictly limited to that It causes a lot of resentment on the part of friends, until the end of further friendly relations with newlyweds.


Instead of a wedding cake - colorful candy! Instead of the traditional wedding cake is served a huge variety of chocolates to taste, made specially to order in the best pastry and referred to as "sugar bride." All sweets are different - they symbolize the changeable mood and character of the bride, but among them there are one or two pairs of identical sweets. Those lucky enough to pull them, the old-fashioned belief has a long and good fortune.

Wedding romance begins and ends underwear. The main wedding drinks in the Netherlands, is a spiced wine called "bride's tears." In most cases, prolonged feast, with a lot of drinking alcohol, accompanied by obscene dances and theatrical scenes, which become all the rules of decency. In the Netherlands, this behavior is considered normal - they claim that naturally should not be banned. So guests have fun with all my heart, showing a variety of improvised situations in the life of the newlyweds before marriage and after, as well as carry out all sorts of indecent contests.

The tradition of the infinite love and flowering lilies. But there is in this celebration and drop "romance" - around his house the couple planted in a number of lilies, which symbolize flowering of their marital happiness and lasting love that will flourish more and more every year and never goes out.

Each country has its own wedding traditions and rituals, and no matter what they are, the main thing that they all have one thing in common - the desire to create a strong, loving and successful family!

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