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But how to choose a wedding dress that it was stylish, and sat perfectly? Look for tips on

There is a joke that every girl should be in the wardrobe a little black dress and large white. Wedding dress - the main attribute of any bride.

To dress highlights your dignity and hide flaws, you need to determine your type of figure. Stylists distinguish 5 types of figures: "pear", "inverted triangle", "hourglass", "apple", "rectangle".


Determine your body type:
"A" or "Pear" It characterized by a broad, lush hips and a small waist. At the same time grasp the shoulders lower than hips.
«V» or «inverted triangle" - This type of figure differs quite wide hips, while the girl's small breasts, thin waist, Small hips and long legs.
"X" or "hourglass" - this type of shape adore men, believing it to be perfect. What he characterized? The volume of the hips and shoulders are about the same, while a woman - wasp waist.
"On" or "Apple". When thin legs and thighs of a woman is not the waist or tummy present.

"H" or "rectangle". The woman is almost on the same level volumes shoulders, waist and hips.

Which dress to choose for a figure type
Wedding fashion highlights of all 6 types of wedding dresses. Each of them looks good on a certain type of figure.

Ball Wedding Dress


It is preferred by many brides, because it is on the right allows you to feel like a princess. It you learn by lush skirt, which begins with the waist. To fit? Girls tall and of medium height. It will be good to look at the bride "pears", the silhouette of the skirt will hide large hips. Skinny girls "boxes" will be able to add volume at the hips. This dress will help the girl "triangle" figure make a visually proportionate. Excellent will sit on the girls "hourglass".
A silhouette wedding dress or A-line


You will know him by tight-fitting corset and skirt, which gradually expands downward. This silhouette looks great on girls all types of shapes, it highlights the advantages and disadvantages hides.

Greek Wedding Dress


This dress is characterized by the overestimated waist, so it is often chosen for the wedding bride pregnant. It will look great on girls a dress to the type of figures "Apple".

Direct wedding dress


In the forward skirt hugs the hips, and then goes down in a straight line. This dress can be worn by a girl with a figure proportional to the type of "hourglass". Because it emphasizes all three lines - breasts, thighs, waist.

Wedding Dress "The Little Mermaid" or "Fish"


It hugs the figure of the bride near the knee, and then can either smoothly or sharply diverge. This dress will be beautiful girls sit on a pro rata figure of "hourglass". The other type, it will only show all figure flaws.

Short wedding dress


It might just be a short or with a train. Girls suit all types of figures on one condition - the bride should be slender legs.
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