Of "cronyism" Work

For not to build your career, and will only become its foundation. How to dispose of them - depends on you.

Positive sides

Guaranteed employment

If your friend takes a high position in the company, so you just have to go interviewto employer able to test your skills and abilities. Practice shows that in such cases, everything goes smoothly and simply.

Preparing for the workflow

If you get a workWhere working your friend, you know in advance how things work in the company, and then it will be easier to get to work and get used to the new responsibilities.

Familiarity with the leadership

For many it is an unpleasant and stressful process, but if you're familiar with his headThen do not worry, it remains to discuss financial issues, vacation and other work issues.

Work on the site - whether all so smoothly? / pixabay.com

Negative sides

Friendly relations and working moments

If you and your friends will not be able to distinguish between professional and personal relationships, then you will not be able to stay long at work, and this can end your friendship and career.

A responsibility

You bear a great responsibility - not to let your boss, your friend. And if you think you can not handle the job, then it is worth considering.

Difficulties in the team

If someone finds out how you got to work, it can turn against you.

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