Rest for 30 minutes: Tips successful moms

With so many daily tasks required in modern mothers often left too little time for themselves.

We've put together a list of the best advice from business moms who can combine career and family life. On this - on!

Pamper yourself

Before you rassmeotes, we recognize that this may sound too optimistic! Because rarely have a mom is free to the whole evening, and we understand that, when they occur magic moments, you'll probably be too tired to bother too much with "Indulgence". Suppose you have only thirty minutes of freedom in the evening: scientifically proven that the time spent on work wonders! All the best is concentrated around the warm, relaxing bath, so if you do not have time for anything else, taking advantage of this opportunity, you'll likely feel great. Just turn on your favorite song, take a fragrant soap (we recommend chamomile or lavender scents) and apply the mask to the face, lying in warm water. If you want to break this special, add candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and in the end, apply body lotion - a guaranteed way to moisturize the skin and give it a shine.

Start a new book,

Sometimes the easiest way to unwind - just run away! However, if we are not talking about escaping to the tropics, we advise to go into the world of fiction. Nothing beats a good book, allows you a little escape from the worries and concentrate on something else. Which book to choose for reading, entirely depends on your personal preference, but thrillers - always a good option if you want to tickle your nerves. The most important thing in reading - that's what you are, following the plot twists and turns, are giving yourself the opportunity to "escape" into the story. Try to find a time when you can get comfortable (preferably with a cup of something hot in their hands), and really focus on the details of the original story.

call a friend

One of the advantages of being a mother, is that so many women around know exactly what you're going through. While every mother sees pros and cons in their own motherhood, there are certain situations that are universal for all. For example, each mom know the feeling when you are forever collected baby for a walk, and just before leaving he landed a spot on the clothes! At such moments, to feel better, it is best to talk to. As they say, one head is good, but two - better and call a friend to a little ponyt or ask for advice, there will often be the most appropriate way to relieve stress. Talks with relatives quickly move on to something funny and if you are looking for how to relax, there's nothing like a genuine laugh.

Put the kids to bed early

For moms who want to relax, there is no better time than when the kid went to the land of dreams. Despite the fact that the temptation to continue doing household chores or begin to cook lunch for tomorrow, this blessed time, in fact, literally created you to rest. Do you want to read, call a friend or a little treat yourself, it is important to use this time for yourself.


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