Your success depends on the second half

Your husband or wife may both help to ensure that you will achieve success and prevent unknowingly.

To such conclusion the American scientists from Carnegie Mellon University. Their studies have shown a direct relationship between success man and his environment. But the greatest effect is the second half of this issue.

So, those people who support the partner, tend to take on more complex tasks, compete, take risks. And those who feel less support - try to solve simple problems, which need less skills.

Scientists have offered the participants of the experiment to compete for a prize. Accordingly, it was agreed to those who supported spouse. Six months later, researchers interviewed the couple: they have significantly improved the well-being and relationships strengthened, and they generally feel happier.

Remember how famous actors, musicians, and other prominent personalities from the stage to thank his mate, saying that would have achieved nothing without them? So scientists say that in many ways it really corresponds to the truth. According to studies, in those couples where there is support, people are easier to complicated solutions, they are motivate to act and strive for success.
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But if you do not have a husband or wife - it does not mean that success will pass you side. Still, to achieve it needs not only the support, but also the actions themselves. However, people without a pair should analyze its environment: whether in the toxic people who under the guise of friendship or familiarity really just pull down, de-motivate, advise against making decisions and changes to the better.

For example, you are afraid of the possible negative effects of shift work, persuaded that the proposed his candidacy for the post better - a bad idea to start their own business - risky and overly complicated and etc.

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