The crisis in the relationship: 3 for advice on how not to run up ever

Long years of marriage - a test that sustain the strength not to everyone. Live under the same roof and raise children together - is not enough.

Routine, household problems and disappeared buketno-candy period quickly accelerated into melancholy. Someone difficult stage comes after 3 year relationship, someone 5 years. But it happens that supposedly well-established relationship begins to crumble slowly within 1 year. So do not expect a tipping point - we must act now.

1. He ceased to understand me

Stop to think that "he too has changed after the wedding," the problem is not in your partner. Remember the former situation, where exactly did you manage to easily agree with each other. Misunderstandings generate even more misunderstandings. There is nothing strange in the fact that after the conflict due to cooler colors, the husband would argue and in less important matters. If you do not take anything, grievances will accumulate, and your marriage will give serious crack. Ask your other half what he / she sees his life next to you, your children, your home and life. Tell also about your vision and compare the answers. If it is difficult to take a smaller figure - at least 1 year. But in general, family life crises over the years are not counted - you can run into a key issue within six months of relations. Discuss written especially controversial and not coinciding points. You may find that you want to live in a country house, and your loved one dreams of an apartment in the center of the city. Try to come to a compromise now, because in a few years, these differences of opinion will lead you to a loud quarrels, tears, or even to divorce.

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2. There is nothing to talk about

If all the topics that you can talk for hours, exhausted themselves, and you can not find a new - your relationship is at an impasse. You would think that a number - not native krovinochka and stranger. A similar problem could occur, whether you are one. Lack of common topics of conversation is the lack of common interests, events, and targets. Your life is not woven into one, you continue to go two ways, which is contrary to the idea of ​​love and marriage. The essence of the solution to the problem lies not in finding topics of conversation, and in their creation. Try to spend time together often. Visit exhibitions, go to the cinema to watch the series before going to bed. Soon you will notice that the new series of the show to discuss "Why kill a woman" can be very long and interesting.

3. Life absorbed "bytovuha"

No marriage can not do without solving everyday problems, but sometimes they turn into a curse. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from such negativity. Be sure to keep his schedule time for yourself and your loved one. If a man has too many responsibilities - take part themselves. Live by the general schedule and always have the opportunity to run on a date or have a real journey of the day.


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