Top 5 signs that it's time to leave

Sometimes it seriously and think about relationships in which you are.

It is likely they have long been exhausted and it's time to start moving on. If some evidence will seem familiar too - think about whether to continue them.

Your work starts to take up all your time.

Cover work to avoid spending time with your partner less - one of the most common signs of the coming separation. Remember: avoidance of your second half will not improve your relationship, but an honest conversation about why you do not feel happy, it can.

Your partner you wildly annoying

When you can not look for a partner without irritation and experience internal discomfort, you should think about whether the person next.

Are you afraid of being alone

Relationships for fear of being one - one of the worst forms of relationships. Phobia should not be the basis of your life together. On the contrary - the relationship can destroy them. If you are afraid of loneliness, you should think that between you and your partner really love or common phobias that you bring together?
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You are lost in a relationship himself

Do not go it alone in the endless concessions and compromises. Your desires must also be important in a relationship. Because the assignment to keep us away from ourselves.

Do you think that your partner will change

Some people prefer to be in an unhealthy relationship, expecting that the second half is about to change. If this is about you - you can pack your bags. You yourself become the change that is so wait.


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