Hairpin "The Scarlet Flower"

Hairpin "The Scarlet Flower" - just what you need little fashionistas! We propose to do it yourself ribbons and beads. As a basis you can use a scrunchy or any hairpin.

Materials: color ribbon (4 pieces of 16 cm); thin white satin tape 55 cm; brown monofilament ribbon 45 cm; dark brown cord 25 cm; "Pearl" beads; glue; scissors; barrette "frog".

Of colored tape to make the blank-tabs. You can fix them with glue or hem.


Collect all the loops in the flower on the principle of snowflakes. 2nd preform lay crosswise other - between them. Sew or glue.


Of white satin tape form bow. Hem it to the wrong side of the flower.


Sew a "frog" and make the "tassels" of decorative cords. At the end of the cord strung beads and secure knots.

From a nylon brown ribbon bow and glue to make it to the hairpin, masking the fixing of all the previous elements. Decorate the middle of a flower with pearl beads.


Hairpin ready! You can try.

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