Wrap hair with your hands (photo)

Little fashionista loves new clothes. Our master class for those who like to make jewelry with your own hands.

We need: a blank for the hoop; denim trim; Glue "Moment" (transparent) or Melt; scissors; lace; needle and thread.

Gray jeans cut into strips, one long and 2-3 cm in width three finish 1-1 stitch width, 5 cm.


We work with a long strip. We fix an adhesive fabric, buckle and start winding the hoop.

Each turn must be a little bit to go to the previous. At the end cut off excess fabric (with a slight allowance hem), and fix the folded the adhesive. Basis is ready! It remains to decorate it.


For decorative form the three "snail" of different sizes: twist the strips of cloth on which there is a finishing machine line. We fix ends with adhesive. Of lace braid sew "skirts" for each "snail": collect on a thread around and mask the sections in the folds.


Glue "snail in skirts" to the hoop.


Done! Gray with pink looks very harmonious. Any girl will be glad to such hair ornaments.

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