Do with your child fun pendants

Children's motor skills requires constant development. We offer to your attention a very interesting exercise, which not only like you and your child, but it will be very useful to him.

We need:polymer clay in different colors, cords (they will serve as a suspension) knife, fork, toothpick, scissors, cocktail tube, tray or board work.


"A lion"

Take a bright orange clay vyleplivaem therefrom circle diameter of about 4 cm and a thickness of about 3-4 mm. Toothpick or knife around the edges of the notch are doing - the mane of a lion.

Of orange clay lighter color form the muzzle of a lion, from the lemon-colored - lion cheeks, white - eyes, black pupils and make out his nose. All parts attach to the muzzle of a lion, zubochistoy knife and draw a mustache, and mouth. Mordochkku is fixed on the basis of a dark orange color. Fasten the ears. With cocktail tube cut hole for hanging.


"The sun"

Clay yellow make a circle with a diameter of about 4 cm and a thickness of about 3-4 mm. Knife cut a small triangle (sun rays) from the orange clay, and then fasten them around the perimeter of the first round.

Of white clay making eye sun and blue pupils. Small orange ball of the sun will be the nose. Clay red slips into thin tubes, which will become "smiley face" of the sun and his cheeks. Fasten all parts of the yellow base. Cocktail straw cut hole for hanging.


Similarly, we do the rest Pendants - elephant, monkey, pig, tiger, frog or cloud (see photo gallery).

Bake in the oven

Now our products have to bake in the oven so that they harden. Put key fobs on baking, the laid paper pre-baking, and send it to the oven. Bake for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 110-130 degrees.

When our keychains are cool, pass them beautiful laces - and let your child with pleasure wears. For him, it is a double joy - because he did this elephant or lion himself, with his own hands.