Original decoration for brooches "Twigs," with his own hands: Master Class

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Original decoration for brooches "Twigs," with his own hands: Master Class

Original decoration for brooches "Twigs"


Even if you had never held in the hands of the wire and were making something like this, rest assured, you will have to make such unpretentious branches for an elegant brooch.

We are introducing you to a master class from TM Charivna Mit "Twigs". You can use the branches as an independent decoration, so add a ready-made composition or use as a decoration. In our case, they have become a supplement to the beautiful flower brooch.


you will need

  • thin wire

  • beads
  • nippers

Completing of the work

1. Measure 30 cm wire. Thread the bead, move it to the midpoint.

2. Connect the ends of the wire.

3. Twist the wire a bead on the length of the future branches


4. Any loose end of the wire to string the next bead and twist the ends of the wire under the bead

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5. Similarly, following the bead lock the second end of the wire



6. Number of captured beads can vary from 3 to 5 units.

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The remaining free ends of the wire under the branches with beads twist.

7. Perform several of these branches and attach to the base of the finished brooch.

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