A master class from a professional: how to do elegant necklace with your own hands?

Master class from TM Charivna Mit.

you will need

  • faceted oval, brown color of the rainbow, Crystal Art 13005 / 01ABC Table Cut AB - 72 pcs. (BUT),
  • 6h6h6 cubic mm, color green, Crystal Art 12017 / 043ABC - 67 pcs. (B),
  • 5 mm glass beads twisted color "Topaz" silver line inside "Rreciosa Ornela» 87010/2 (444) (B).


  • wire "memory"
  • monofilament,
  • clasp.


  • pliers,
  • nippers,
  • bubbly needle.

Driving / open sources

Completing of the work

1. Take monofilament. Fasten at each end by a bead needle. Weave in the art "Monastyrskiy weaving" basis necklaces g of beads A, as shown in Scheme 1 №.

Master class / open sources

Master class / open sources

2. Fill the gaps in the foundations of beads and beads according to the scheme B number 2. Make sure that the thread tension to be uniform, and the foundation is not skewed.

Master class / open sources

Master class / open sources

3. Display the working thread in an extreme number of bases and foundations podpletite between the beads, one bead B according to the scheme number 3.
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4. Take 2 segment memory wire length of approximately 15 cm. One end of a wire bend in a ring using pliers and pass through the bead base as shown in Scheme № 3 on the reverse side.

Master class / open sources

5. On the free end of the wire nanizhite beads, repeating rapport as long until you get the desired length. The free end of the wire bend with the help of pliers, and attach the clasp.

Master class / open sources

Master class / open sources

6. The second side is configured similarly.

Master class held Olga Medvedev.

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