How to make beads from polymer clay

2 July 2019 22:05Anna Simon
How to make beads from polymer clay

How to make beads from polymer clay

For the manufacture of the beads you will need polymer clay in different colors, board molding, wet wipes for hands, ceramic plunger, stationery knife, awl, toothpick, foil

Carefully mash, roll in layers 2-3 mm thick pink, red, white and black clay.

Then apply the layers to each other: the black-white-pink-red (the color may vary).

  • Take a walk with a rolling pin and trim the edges with a knife stationery.
  • The resulting layer put for 10 minutes in the fridge, then tear into small pieces. Divide them into equal parts and roll the beads.
  • Send your beads in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  • Remove the beads, an awl to make holes. Nanizhite beads on a toothpick and insert it into a crumpled ball of foil - turns "hedgehog." Put it on a ceramic plate and send in the oven.

How to make beads from polymer clay /

  • Bake for 3 minutes at 130 C.
  • Remove and gently scrolling, clear beads with toothpicks.
  • Nanizhite beads on a nylon thread - alternately large and small beads, beads, attach the accessories.

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