Furoshiki: wonderful packaging for a gift in Japanese (video)

furoshiki- is the Japanese art of gift wrapping. This skill makes a woman a woman-witch: a slight movement of the hands, she will transform a simple cloth square in the beautiful, original, elegant, stylish, and most importantly - convenient handbag, it is appropriate her.

And in the next moment, the same fabric in the hands of a magician can turn into a beautiful gift wrapping friend or colleague, or perhaps a newborn relative. Versatility inspires furoshiki - try it!

Literally furoshiki (or speak Japanese furoshiki - translates as "bath mat". Initially, the packaging of tissue used in the bath: in furoshiki wore a kimono for special bath treatment.

Furoshiki - origami fabric


Indeed, furoshiki - fabric origami, educational principles form the same: a piece of cloth can be folded, turn, bend, tie. Tells a fantasy! Will this bag on his shoulder, a folder for papers or basket - it's up to you.

to the fabric requirements


Fabrics for packaging furoshiki style should be easy to fold and different strength. Now prefer silk, cotton, mixed composition and natural fabrics flax. Thick fabric will look ridiculous, and thin - not withstand the severity and will be ugly stretch. The main thing that the segment was strictly correct square shape with a side length of 40 centimeters or more.

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Furoshiki add up to your taste
We offer several options furoshiki folding: so you can elegantly packaged gift or create a convenient bag - with this accessory you will not be left without attention.

Step by Step Master Class to create handbags in style furoshiki


Step by step wizard class for wrapping gifts


In this video you will find a selection of options for furoshiki wrapping gifts of different forms:

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