A master class from a professional: Necklace "Sea spray"

you will need

  • Beads "CRYSTAL Art», turquoise color mix, number 133 TDM / Turquoise,
  • Monofilament.

Czech beads «Preciosa Ornela»:

  • № 10, turquoise color with silver line inside


  • Accessories, color gold:
  • obnimateli for beads - 2 pcs.
  • jewelery cloves - 2 pcs.
  • lock-carabiner.

Completing of the work

1. Nanizhite on the working thread 10 and lock the beads in their ring by inserting the needle through the 1st bead.

Master class / open sources

2. Nanizhite 3 beads (11-13) and go through the third bead of the 1st row. Again nanizhite 3 beads (14-16) and go through the 5th bead 1st series. Continue braiding around to the end of the row and output the needle into the beads (12) of the first set of 2-th row.

Master class / open sources

3. The next rows trailing similarly. Weave harness the desired length. As required doraschivat working thread in the process of weaving.

4. When the braid is complete, you must attach a clasp. Dopletite beaded circle end of the strand in any order to close the hole. Attach the end of the harness Costume jewelery stud, as shown in Photo 5.

Master class / open sources

5. Put on carnations obnimatel Costume jewelery and bend kruglogubtsy end stud as a ring tightly pressed to the wiring obnimatel. Attach the fastener half.

6. On the other hand harness repeat the same steps, and attach the other half zipper.

7. Now you need to sew beads to the wire harness. Find the middle of the harness and secure the working thread. Nanizhite on the working thread largest bead beads and 3, pass through the needle in the reverse direction of the bead and output it through the beads tow adjacent to the first bead.

Master class / open sources

8. Sewing beads small enough beads 1 to fix them. When sewing beads, gently pull the working thread through the beads harness so that it could not be seen (Photo 8).

9. Sew in the middle of the harness very large beads. The farther from the center, the beads should be smaller in size and the greater the distance should be between them.

Master class from TM Charivna Mit, held Olga Medvedev.

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