4 slimming mistakes, because of which diets do not work

women often go on a diet impulsively - in a fit of bad temper and determination to radically change their lives. And make mistakes, because of which their plans are frustrated to lose weight.

When weighing or shopping made you so despondent and think about weight loss, The first thing that comes to mind - to stock up on low-fat yogurt and buckwheat, forget about sweet and fatty. (Before that, of course, need to eat up all the stocks that have already been bought, do not disappear as good, huh? But tomorrow something !!!) Here you can become a hostage to the frequent errors of slimming. Let us examine them in detail.

1. Refusal to gluten

Intolerance to gluten - a disease that a doctor must diagnose the results of tests. However, it has now become fashionable to avoid gluten, since a number of slim and famous have stated that they do not eat. Denial of food containing the vegetable protein, simply out of a desire to lose weight and follow the trend, can cause the opposite effect. If the product packaging says that it gluten free, then there might well be given a much higher content of sugar and sodium than foods with gluten. And just they, not the gluten will prevent you lose weight and improve the body.

2. Switching to sweeteners

Unequivocal harm or benefit of any of the sweeteners currently not proven by serious scientific research. However, scientists believe that when the body receives a signal on the flow of sweet, then throws in a large portion of the blood insulin. And if in fact the body gets only calorie-free substitute, it eventually leads to weight gain. Also, a number of studies have shown that the use of high doses of sweeteners leads to glucose intolerance - actually diabetes.

3. Buying fat-free products

Fatty foods contain, respectively, the fat-soluble nutrients and vitamins that help your body to be healthy and energetic. When the product is removed from the oil, it becomes unpalatable because it additionally add sugar. Thus, instead of fat and nonfat useful product is obtained, but more carbohydrate and "empty" by the utility.

4. Breakfast consists primarily of carbohydrates

Standard breakfast slimming considered oatmeal on the water with a small amount of fruit. However, despite the high caloric content, not all cereal saturates before lunch. Not to be hungry in a couple of hours, try to focus on proteins. For example, eat breakfast omelette with herbs and mushrooms.

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