5 stars, who are not shy about his body after the clan

Think of stretching and sagging belly after giving birth the lot of ordinary mortals? Far from it. Stars also suffer from it. But the units are not ashamed of their bodies after giving birth.

Not everyone is given a rodzala to flaunt on the runway. Many months recovering from childbirth to a minimum approach to the prenatal state. Kolobok.ua found the 5 stars that fell in their post-partum changes and do not hesitate to talk about it.


Jessie James Decker

After the third child of the singer stomach for a long time to come into shape. She posted a photo of the body changes in the network - a three-week high of postpartum tummy. There she urged its subscribers will love yourself such as it is. After all, only the female body is able to give a new life.


Hilaria Baldwin
Wife of the famous actor Alec Baldwin Hilaria gave birth to their fourth child, and laid out a selfie from the hospital with a large postpartum belly. So she wanted to show subscribers that it will also have long come to the form.


Ali Fedotovskaya-Manno
The American TV star has decided to publish a photo of postnatal changes. It's clear that the skin on the abdomen is stretched and hanging. Ali says he learns to love his new body, even with the "press".

Peta Murgatroyd
Extra folds on the stomach is not spared and two-time winner of the American 'Dancing with the Stars. " After birth, her stomach was still very "pregnant."


Hilary Duff
For 5 years after the birth the actress could not regain his form doberemennuyu. She encourages women to feel free extra folds, because their body has managed to bear and give birth to a new man. Now Hilary Duff is pregnant again and she does not harbor illusions about the perfect body after childbirth.

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