Do not wear it never: the secrets of modern fashion

To always look fashionable, you need to revise your wardrobe and spend time in it spring cleaning. Update things are also needed, because the fashion is changing, and in all things have their life span.

We offer you 7 things which, according to stylists, has long been necessary to find a more modern replacement.


This type of jeans looks old-fashioned and cheap. Now fashion jeans free of dense tissue with high or medium fit - no peeping panties.

Tights with overflow

Never wear stockings with overflow - it is not fashionable and visually increases in the amount of foot. Choose the best options for matte or satin.

Hat with short fields

This type of hat a few years no longer in style. Choose a hat with a wide brim. Ideally, if they keep their shape.

Do not wear it never: the secrets of modern fashion /

Shoes with platform probkovatoy

Maybe these shoes and comfortable, but they look awful and cheap. Choose your shoes that accentuate the elegance of legs.

And form-fitting cropped denim jacket

This kind of old-fashioned jackets already, so feel free to choose bulky denim jackets, which will warm, and way of complement.

Scarves, collars

These scarves are very comfortable, but they find a replacement. We advise to pay attention to the balaclava - stylish, trendy and warm.

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