5 cases that it is necessary to make to Nicholas vernal (Summer)

Every year, May 22 is celebrated the national holiday of St. Nicholas Day, find out which 5 cases it is necessary to do Nikola vernal (Summer).

On May 22, the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the relics of St. Nicholas of Myra to Bari. Folk festival has many names: St. Nicholas Day, Summer Nicola, Nicola vernal, warm Nicholas et al.
People have long been highly respected St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, knowing his kindness and willingness to help, especially the poor people in need, those who are on the road-the road. Nicholas the patron saint of sailors and travelers. And, of course, children.
St. Nicholas is called "miracle worker" saint who performs miracles and fulfills the desires of the people. Therefore, people in all the troubles asked for help from St. Nicholas, especially in the celebration.
There are signs and traditions Nicola vernal festival of the people. Find out which 5 cases in a hurry to make our ancestors 22 May health, happiness and well-being of the family.


1. Recover from illness

St. Nicholas Day is considered the best time of the year to get rid of any ailment. People went to the church and near the icon of Saint Nicholas read a prayer asking for healing. There was also a sign of the saint to ask before going to bed to give a hint as to recover from the disease, which was a man.

2. Bring holy colored eggs

On this holiday, as well as for Easter, colored eggs in a red or yellow color, it was kind of a gift to St. Nicholas. Eggs are attributed to the church. On Saint Nicholas ate boiled eggs or scrambled eggs.


3. To perform the ceremony for the welfare

People believed that Nicholas Ugodnik gives gifts, brings prosperity, that the saint himself bypasses the home and gives those in need is what they need. There is a simple ritual to get the benefit of a saint, for example, leave on the table empty purse - to the Wonderworker saw that there was nothing there, and gave wealth.

4. To fulfill a wish

It is believed that making a wish on Nicholas Summer, it will come true. To do so, near the icon of St. Nicholas to light a candle and ask to fulfill your heart's desire.

5. Wash with dew for health and beauty

It is believed that Nicholas Summer holiday morning dew has miraculous powers, it becomes healing. Therefore, the girl in the early morning on Nicholas ran barefoot in the dew and washed with dew.

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