How to cook eggs

Correctly boil eggs - one of the most difficult tasks for each person.

Often, we can not accurately determine the readiness of boiled eggs and liquid can be disappointed or too steep yolk. Today we'll show you how to cook eggs according to your preferences.

1. Use a two-week egg freshness.

It is this product comes quickly and leaves no complaints from consumers.

2. Lower eggs not in cold and boiling water or cook them in steam.

Thus, to get the perfect hard-boiled egg, with a resilient and soft yolk protein, which in this case will be fine clean, you need to run it in boiling water, and after 30 seconds, when hushed boil again activated, turn down the heat and simmer for 10 more minutes. For the first thirty seconds and solidify as white proteins, and the remaining time at the desired temperature welded yolks.

3. Be sure to cool the eggs

Finished eggs should be dipped in iced water for 10-15 minutes to reduce the temperature of the yolk and cool.

4. Cleaned under cold water

To eggs can be quickly cleaned, they should be ostuzhennoy. Equipment is then simple: good crush fingers shell of the egg, then place it under cold running water and gently clean.


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