How to quickly clean the grenades?

In the autumn-winter period estt grenades after a hard working day - a real pleasure.

However, we are often faced with the problem of his cleaning because of the thick rind. Today we will share simple ways how to clean grenades just a minute to healthy fruit immediately able to brighten up your evening.


This method will not save you from the splashes of grenades, but with good dexterity you will be able to locate them within the same bowl. "Shock" method, you can quickly get to the seeds of lettuce, decorating dishes or eaten with a spoon. Instruction is simple:

  • Cut the pomegranate in half.
  • Take one part peel up. Hold the fruit over a bowl, and hit it with a spoon until all the grains do not leave the peel. The lower will be your hand with garnet, the less likely that the juice gets on the table.

aqueous process

This method helps keep the kitchen clean, and whole grains. However, the time it will take a little less.
  • Cut off the tip of the grenade.
  • Immerse it in a bowl with water. For convenience, you can make a longitudinal incisions on the skin.
  • Then disassemble the pomegranate under water to the grains.
  • Pass the contents of the bowl through a colander, and then dispose of the garbage.


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