That shoes can tell about its owner: you'll be surprised

Things that we choose to talk about the daily use of our character, mood and attitude to the world. Shoes we choose is not only for beauty, but also appreciate its convenience. What pair of shoes can tell about a person? See our response and you will be surprised.

American psychologists conducted an experiment with students. They gave the photo a man shoes and asked to talk about it all that comes to mind about the character of the owner. What a surprise it was when the students' responses and the real stories of the owners of the shoe match.



Training shoes in the wardrobe of women say that she is very fond of comfort. These ladies uncompromising and easily achieve their goals.

Wedge or platform He speaks about the straightness of its owner. They love to command and love being in the spotlight.

Classic boat shoes They point to the conservative views of its owner. These girls are very hard on themselves and others.

High heels literally elevate a woman over others. They are self-confident and capricious.

Low heel to 5 cmHe will talk about the uncertainty of its owner. These ladies do not like criticism, but do not wash up against the other bone.


Hessian boots show high self-esteem of women. She is not afraid to show all of herself and loves to impress.

Wellingtons worn by women in a measure of self-confident. They know how to get out of a difficult situation, putting a minimum of effort.

boots like a woman with an optimistic attitude and cheerful disposition. They love surprises and travel.



Sneakers They are not just athletes. An abundance of sports shoes in the wardrobe says about uninhibited man in front of you. Unfortunately, they are childish and slightly frivolous.

Dress shoes He says that you face a hard-working man. He - Pet women can earn money and appreciate the honesty.

fashion footwear in the wardrobe of men said the high taste of the owner. Such a person is a bit pedantic, but optimistic in life.

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