7 potted plants to perfectly clean air at home

Indoor plants help to create a cozy and refreshing interior. But some of them are better than others to cope with air purification function?

From school we all remember that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they are "the lungs" of our planet. However, in every house there is something more dangerous than the expired CO₂. Appliances, furniture, household chemicals, Chinese toys, souvenirs - all of this can be hazardous vapors of benzene, formaldehyde and other chemicals. Add to this dust, mold, bacteria - each dwelling will certainly need air purification. Studies by American scientists showed that plants can better the air to perform this function. Let us consider what.


Dracaena - one of the most common houseplants, the beneficial properties of which not everyone knows. Nevertheless, it moisturizes the air, cleans it from formaldehyde (it allocates furniture plywood, chipboard, MDF) and trichlorethylene (his presence we are obliged to the printer). One species of this plant - Dracaena deremskaya - absorbs a pair of varnishes and paints.


Another useful and undemanding plant that helps fight formaldehyde vapors from furniture and carpets. Ficus also filters the air from benzene - it emit plastic and rubber products, linoleum. Important notice: at daylight Ficus produces oxygen, and in the darkness - absorbs. Because you can not put it in the bedroom, especially in the children.


This plant is not subject to frequent illnesses and quietly taking root in any home. Chlorophytum absorbs benzene vapor, sulfur compounds, nitrogen, formaldehyde. Furthermore just for a day is a small plant can completely clear the room of harmful microorganisms. It will be useful to set it in the common areas in the house - in the kitchen or living room. To enhance the ability of Chlorophytum absorb harmful substances into the soil, you can add charcoal.


This beautiful flower will help clear the air in the house, where it is often used household chemicals. Besides begonia allocates special substance - volatile. They kill streptococci and staphylococci, which cause pneumonia, pharyngitis, sepsis, osteomyelitis, and many other dangerous diseases.

fern Nephrolepis

Cute bush fern is perfectly coexist them the computer, adopting the its radiation. Fern likes moist air, warm and moist soil. In the bedroom, it is not the place, because at night the fern consumes oxygen, and it does not produce. But in the living room or office, he filters the air from vapors that produce plastic items, varnishes, inks and adhesives.


This plant is easily identified by the trademark yellow and green stripes on the broad leaves. Dieffenbachia absorbs harmful substances such as xylene and toluene. They stand out when your parquet, laminate or linoleum heated by the sun.


Myrtle tree produces volatile, which kill harmful microbes. It also deters insects from your home, that too ozdoravalivaet home atmosphere. Myrtle useful to put not only at home but also in hospitals, educational institutions, in order to minimize the spread of germs. To myrtle in full force opened its cleaning capacity, it is useful to coexist with eucalyptus, kalanchoe, euonymus.

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