5 signs that you are spoiling your mood every morning

The morning will be much nicer if you give up bad habits that prevent you enjoy this time.

You think about nothing

One of the developers and founders of social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg once told reporters that always goes to work in the same clothes.

In order to morning do not bother about the wardrobe, it has a few T-shirts and trousers. Habit Zuckerberg is probably based on the findings of psychologists that in the morning we do not need to devote time to detail.

You check your email

What if the boss wrote an angry letter to you? Or colleague decided to puzzle-do list?

All this is well wait until the start of the day, and in the morning, when the brain and body is only included in the rhythm, spoil the mood for the whole day.

5 signs that you are spoiling your mood every morning

You lie in bed after the alarm clock

Surprisingly, but psychologists are opposed to such a coveted lying in bed after the alarm clock. So you are setting the body to rest and not to wake, then so too lazy to get ready for work ...

You do not do morning exercises

Exercises that you perform on an empty stomach, especially bring much benefit. And if you are struggling with excess weight, the morning exercise should be your must-see destination every morning.

You postpone important tasks

The habit of doing everything at the last moment spoils our lives in general.

As soon as we got up from the bed, as immediately we thought about the fact that it was necessary to finish yesterday, ie need to urgently do today.

5 signs that you are spoiling your mood every morning

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