4 of the myth of self-confident woman

Self-confidence is often credited with such acts, which have nothing to do with it.

adequate self-concept, Self-confidence - now it has become a sign of the success of the individual, which in all spheres of life has achieved the desired height. But is it? Here are some common myths about self-confident woman.

Myth 1. She always looks great

In fact, self-confident woman looks like she wants. Her make-up, hairstyle, or lack thereof determined by the situation and appropriate. For her, there is no problem to go out not made up, if it is just a walk or a trip to the store. At the same time, for a business meeting she would come in the appropriate form - but it will not necessarily be the ideal to the fingertips. Her self-confidence does not depend on the amount of makeup, hairstyles, weather, manicure. If before the meeting she accidentally upset the coffee - it does not come to despair, but simply recognize it. In the end, all the people at least once fell into awkward situations. The more relaxed the woman herself with the lead - the faster everything will be forgotten.

Myth 2. She was given all easy

Confident woman comfortable with the critics, adequately suited to the choice of a partner and value their time and their talents. She knows how to go through life - but does not necessarily know exactly where. It can also assailed by doubts, fears and anxieties.

In addition, self-confidence requires a clear assertion of personal rights and boundaries. But there will always be people who desire to be a woman and will go its own way "throat": bosses, relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc. People who suffer from themselves complexes, on the one hand, admired confident individuals and want to imitate them, on the other - are trying to change, to convince and destroy the alien self confidence (even unconsciously).

And it starts from childhood when girls under the guise of education instilled behavior patterns that cultivate in these complexes, self-doubt, feeling of weakness in the world, the need to marry and find a "hard shoulder" and etc.

So be confident in yourself - means to be in constant confrontation with the notorious part of the community (ie, majority), which is trying to break down and cause you to live not the way you want, but as someone else said fit. Thus, self-doubt - it is a struggle with itself and confident - with the world.

Myth 3. Confident woman - selfish

Yes and no. That is among the confident women can be selfish, and among egoistok - confident. However, between these concepts is not necessary equal sign. Often selfishness is just a sign of a weak and immature personality, which "pulls the blanket," the fear of the world, or inadequately inflated self-esteem.

Myth 4. She can teach others to be confident

Part of self-confident women kept to themselves this quality from birth (that is, thanks to parents, not the child hung on the cargo complexes). They can not teach others to be confident in yourself, because for them it is a natural state and self-awareness, they are not, how can it be otherwise.

Another part - to revive confidence in himself, to understand with complexes and other psychological barriers on their own or with the help of a specialist. And in order to help another person to understand themselves and gain confidence, they should, in fact, play the role of a psychologist. However, the advice they can give and that helped them specifically, and not necessarily to help other people. After all causes of insecurity is always very individual. And they need to work out with a specialist.

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