How to align your self-esteem in a few steps

Everyone knows that low self-esteem - it is bad, but overpriced - not good. How to make it adequate?

Self-assessment - this is how we do appreciate its advantages and disadvantages. It is adequate - or flat - and overstated or understated. And to help people with high self-esteem is usually more difficult, because they do not acknowledge the problem, they think that they have something just nothing wrong with the estimation itself.

Signs of inflated self-esteem:

  • People love to give advice, to participate in the whole, all indicate considers himself indispensable,
  • boasting and trying to demonstrate to all purchases, achievement, love, talents, opportunities, abilities,
  • He does not recognize the criticism does not see at the drawbacks, constantly praises himself.

Symptoms of low self-esteem:

  • People are very afraid of public speaking, and even just to express their opinion, mostly silent,
  • a perfectionist, very upset if something does not work, blames himself,
  • constant need for approval, someone else's opinion, the Council,
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  • a person's mood and self-image is totally dependent on the opinions of others,
  • He can not talk about its merits.
If you find yourself signs of excessive or low self-esteem - it is necessary to turn to a psychologist. So study the problem will be more efficient and faster. Often, people with low self-esteem are more willing to go to a specialist, because the failure itself creates a lot of problems in their lives and hinder success.

What is the risk of low self-esteem

1. Unbalanced emotional background. A person completely "unbalanced", his opinion is dependent on praise or condemnation of others, it does not can adequately evaluate it well done or poorly, do the job or not, looks good or not.

2. Dependent relationship. People with low self-esteem easily fall victim in the relationship: they are not only emotional and physical abuse, but in general suffer from dependence on a partner, his mood, words and actions.

3. Fear develop and move forward to build a career. A person with low self esteem is afraid to express an idea or opinion, to demonstrate their abilities. As a result of promotion and success instead seek those who in time manifested himself.

4. Depreciation of their needs and desires. A person with low self esteem is trying to please everyone and put the interests of others above their own. As a result, suffers himself, since the suppression of desires and permanent sacrifice results in latent aggression, and surrounding that is not asked for such victims and feel now required.

How to align the self-esteem

1. Learn to understand and express their emotions. If you feel that you no one will talk, if you say that you are dissatisfied with something, then just accept as a fact that it is not. And if someone did turn away from you due to the fact that you defend its interests - it is necessary to think about what to do build your relationship and why they are for you personally.

Moreover, their emotions have to say at the moment when you can do it safely, rather than when brought to the "boiling point" and can no longer be silent.

2. Accept yourself for who you are, listen to their own desires, rather than those you impose from the outside. No matter how many advisors around - only you can decide how you live your life: someone genuinely wants peace working in the office, and someone - to conquer the mountain tops, someone dreaming of a big family with many children, and someone does not want to do any relations. And each of these scenarios is a normal and adequate, if that is what you want for yourself is you.

3. Get rid of the fear that you "no" or "empty space". It is important to go its own way, and it does not matter - whether you're a superstar, or just a caring mother, or a combination of both.

Write down on a sheet of goals and desires, what you would like to achieve, and then analyze: you really want to know 5 languages, to lose weight by 20 kg and get a million subscribers in "Instagrame" - or you perceive it as a sign of happiness, although it is completely independent of these external factors. Remember that many of you desire to impose savvy marketers who form a relationship you "purchase" - "happiness".

4. Get rid of all the toxic relationship. If people discount your accomplishments and dignity, they say that you will not achieve anything, no matter what is not capable, not attractive, etc., assert themselves at your expense - that communicate with such people should stop. You need them exactly unhappy to feel superior. But why should you? If the person next to you will feel miserable and worthless, not happy - you are not on the way.

5. Value their achievements and abilities. When you praise - do not cry the blues, "it could be a", "yes that this", "yes everyone does," etc. Learn to accept compliments and praise. No need to brag or self-praise myself, but if it is done by others, it is worth thank stop yourself if you want to talk about some "but", which detract your Merit.

Remember that every time when I want to say bad about yourself, it is better just keep quiet. His self-flagellation you humiliate not only ourselves, but also to convince others of their shortcomings, most of which they would not have noticed.

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