Childfree: the pros and cons of a conscious rejection of motherhood, psychology childfree, childfree it

childfree - it is a lifestyle statement, implying voluntary childlessness. Conscientious objection to the happiness of motherhood has both advantages and disadvantages.

So, in all times and ages were women who were not destined to become a mother. And if before the causes of infertility were usually physiological (health problems or women spouse), then in the modern world are increasingly married deliberately refuse to be happy parents.


Benefits chaldfri

1. No need to be held accountable. The birth of a baby for many chaldfri becomes impossible because of the reluctance to be responsible for the little man, that is a sign of an infantile personality.

2. A lot of free time. Thus, the birth and upbringing of the kid robs parents, young mothers in particular, a lot of time, what some couples are not ready and do not want to lose it.

3. Career.Some women are not ready to become a mother and to go on leave for child care due to the fact that they are afraid not to make a career and lost his beloved job. In modern conditions on maternity care is often adversely affect the career and causes daunshifta. But on the other hand, and after the birth of the work can be performed on a remote basis. And the most enterprising ladies and maternity leave is used for their own purposes, for example, realize their potential in the hobby and sometimes become more successful than before birth.


4. Saving figure. Gestation and birth lead to excess weight, stretch marks, deterioration of appearance of the breast, skin, and hair, and some girls are not ready for such victims, because the restore the old beauty is very difficult, sometimes even impossible.

Cons rejection of motherhood

1. Loneliness in old age.Convinced childfree usually live for today without thinking that with them will be in 10-20-30 years. And with the advent of old age a person may be useless and suffer from loneliness. Of course, the birth of a child - not a guarantee of a happy life in his later years, but the probability to end his life in solitude at times below.

2. Complexes and dissatisfaction.Any person who is not implemented as a mother or father, eventually starts from complexes about it, feeling inferior.


3. Conflicts in relationships. So, it is difficult to find a partner who is categorically opposed to have its continuation in the child. At the beginning of the relationship, both partners may not be ready for a baby, but eventually the desire to become a parent and realize their biological function, procreation, will intensify. And it can cause serious conflicts and the break in relations, if the favorite is still against the birth of an heir.

4. Serious health problems.Scientists have shown that in nulliparous women the risk of developing breast cancer, Ovarian or uterine cancer is many times higher than that of those who have become fed mother and her breastfed baby.

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