As two weeks without sugar can change your mind and body

Just two weeks without sweets and added sugars - and you will notice a significant improvement shape and condition of the skin, and your brain will work faster.

Two weeks - not a long time. And if it's two weeks without Sahara? They are likely to seem like an eternity. But think about what benefits will get your body and mind, if you pass this test. Perhaps you'll have to give up sugar forever.

As scientists have calculated, on a daily basis we consume about 22 teaspoons of added sugar - and not necessarily their own to put in tea or coffee. Sugar enters our body through sweets, fast food, low-fat dairy products, bread, soda, alcohol.

Here are just a few basic advantages, why you should give up sugar for at least 2 weeks.

You'll feel better in general

Sugar triggers the inflammatory processes in the body. In your body can simultaneously be several foci of inflammation, which deliver a minimum of discomfort. The less carbohydrates - the lower the risk of inflammation.

You will become more energetic

Although sugar and consists of solid carbohydrates, which provide energy, but the effect of it is very short. After a slight jump in productivity comes the next stage - apathy, lack of energy. This is due to surges in blood sugar levels and then his sharp decline. If your diet is not sugar - the energy level is stable and higher than it was previously.

It will be easier to focus

Forget the chocolates, which helps to focus on important business. Scientists from the US have shown that the sugar on the contrary reduces mental capacity, promotes distraction. But after 2 weeks of non-sugar, you will see that you mind became clearer.

You will significantly reduce the weight

On how many kilos you will lose weight in 2 weeks without sugar - it depends on the initial amount of excess weight. But at least 2 kg you drop exactly. It is important that in case of failure of the excess carbohydrates it will leave grease and excess water and not muscle.

Your skin will become more clean and healthy

In fact, even a week without sugar will help your face look much younger. Excess carbohydrates provokes inflammation of the skin, making it more oily and dull. Two weeks without sugar - and your reflection will smile you a whole new way.

Your breath will be fresher

Carbohydrates from sugar feed the bacteria in your mouth. No sugar - no bacteria. Provided thorough cleaning of the teeth, of course.

You continue on the path of getting rid of the sugar depending

Sugar - a kind of drug to which we are all hooked since childhood. And voluntarily abandon it very difficult. Two weeks to get rid of dependence is not possible. Most likely, it will be a difficult time, "withdrawal". But when two weeks without sugar will be back, you'll see how to improve your appearance, skin glowed, decreased weight, increased energy - and continue to move is already easier.

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