5 most useful products for pregnant women

Expectant mothers should always think about what foods they consume.

Indeed, in the period pregnancy women should consider not only the taste qualities of the product, but also to benefit and harm that it can bring the child. Relatives and friends are advised to have one, doctors - more, and I want a third. It is not surprising that many women afraid of the question: "What are the most useful products for pregnant women?".


The most useful vegetables during pregnancy. Carrot promotes better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It contains a large number of carotene, vitamin E, C, vitamins of group B, R and RR. All of these nutrients help in the formation of organs of the child. The only contraindication for this vegetable - a stomach ulcer, problems with the pancreas and any gastrointestinal inflammation.

Bulgarian pepper

Has healing properties, it helps to improve the condition of the mucous and strengthens blood vessels. Nutrients that are found in pepper strengthen bones and help a pregnant woman in bone formation baby. Vitamins C, E, PP and P which are present in this vegetable improve skin condition. And essential oils, protein and beta-carotene enhance the level of immunity woman waiting for a child.


This vegetable rich in folic acid (vitamin A, B9 and E), which helps prevent miscarriage pregnant woman, to cope with toxemia in the first trimester, it reduces the likelihood of developing anemia and protects the fetus from developing deviations.

A tomato

Very low calorie and rich tomato contains lycopene, which is a unique antioxidant and protects cells from the effects of free radicals.


Despite the calorie of the fruit and the amount of starch, which it contains, doctors do not recommend to give it up. Banana contains the most useful to the fetus elements: zinc and potassium. Zinc helps to build the immune system of the child, and potassium - the cardiovascular system.


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