January 13 Christmas Eve and Malanka: what can and can not do in a holiday

13 January to mark the day of the church calendar saint Malanka, and the people - Christmas Eve or New Year Old. What are the signs of this holiday, what you can do and what is forbidden?

January 13 folk and church tradition merged into one holiday. The people, holy Malanka considered the patroness of the hearth, expectant mothers and maternity cases. In the western regions of Ukraine, however, Christmas Eve celebrated with 18 to 19 January, on Epiphany. The tradition of celebrating the New Year twice appeared due to the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar due to the fact that Christmas should go before the New Year.

What not to do on a holiday?


On Malanka coins can not be considered, since it promises trouble and poverty. And our ancestors tried to this day not to mention the number "thirteen" in order not to incur the trouble.

On this day, you can not give money in the debt, otherwise the whole year you will go to the debtors.

On the feast Malanka can not quarrel and swear, in the family has to be peace and harmony.

On Christmas Eve at the table have to sit necessarily in bright clean clothes, it will attract good luck and prosperity.

Must make January 13?


On Malanka must necessarily cover a lush table and prepare dishes of pork, then the family will reign harmony and well-being of the whole year. In general, our ancestors believed that the richer will be the table, the more successful year.

In people, it is believed that New Year's Eve - the magic, the sky opens and you can make a any desire on this night that is sure to be fulfilled. Therefore, go outside after dark, look at the sky and sincerely ask for what most want.

January 13 - the time caroling, so young, dresses, takes a goat - a symbol with which the singing carols and goes from house to house singing Christmas carols.

If it is good and generously take kolyadovschikov, the year the family will be happy, and if you lock the door in front of them - on the contrary, is not very happy.

Be sure to remember the dream that you dream in the night, as all dreams January 13 are considered prophetic.

This evening the girls definitely wondered at her spouse, using basically the same divination, as in Andrew.

Folk omens on Malanka


A child born on January 13, will have a special gift - the ability to predict the future.

Our ancestors believed, what will be the first day of the new year - and so will the entire year. Therefore, women in this day always beautifully dressed and replaced a few outfits for the day to be in the new year is always beautiful.

If Malanka is soft fluffy snow - a year will be generous to harvest.

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