Where to go in Kiev with the children December 31

You want to have fun and to spend a weekend with the children in Kyiv December, 31st- January 1st? Traditionally Kolobok. UAprepared for you a selection of the most interesting ideas. We wish you a great time!

The quest "In Search of Lapland. In the world of Pokemon go "


Pokemon th - #pokemongo for children - it is an incredible game. Here the children can have many logical tasks, encryption and virtual codes to get to the Pokemon. Quest extends over the entire mall. Here the kids are waiting for the bright locations, logic puzzles and competitions, developing logic, mirror maze, the race for today's electric cars, four-story maze, 7D cinema or capsule 6D.

When:December 31, from 13:00 16:00
Where:SEC "Dream Town" (pr. Obolonsky, 1B)
cost: 200 UAH.

Where to find a Christmas tree?


In the snow-covered forest animals are preparing to celebrate the New Year. But where to get the tree, when all covered with snow? They resort to various tricks, but it does not help. True salvation - to be truthful, honest, value friendship.

When: December 31, 11:00 AM
Where: Kiev State Theater of Young Spectators at the Limes (street. Lipska, 15/17)
cost: from 100 UAH.

"New adventures of Little Red Riding Hood"


Young viewers waiting for the unexpected and interesting version of the famous fairy tale. In 2016 she became the winner of the prestigious contest "The Coronation of word" and now await its heroes with the audience meeting.

When:31 December - 8 January, 11:00, 13:30, 16:00
Where: architect's house (street. Boris Hrinchenko, 7)
cost:50-100 UAH.

Film Screening spatial cartoon "Zavriki" in the A-Gallery


If you're a little tired of the hustle and bustle of New Year and you want to run away, come see the spatial cartoon "Zavriki". Events cartoon will surround you on all sides, look no peeped. As many as 1400 sq. meters of animation on the walls of the space A-Gallery. This story is about the ancient world, where no man has gone before. Very informative cartoon, for both children and adults.

When: 31 December - 1 January
Where:A-Gallery (st. Zabolotnoho 37)
cost: 55-90 UAH.

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