Top 7 Reasons to visit Georgia as a family

The ancient Georgian proverb says, a guest - a messenger of God. Georgia - generous country. She always share the warmth, wine, delicious food and good mood! Exactly what you need for a memorable trip!

In Georgia you will take as a VIP-person. best food - you, the best wine - again you the best views - especially you. Soon you get used to it and do not want to leave here. Especially because in Georgia there are so many places I want to visit, so many things to see and try.

Why you should visit Georgia as a family

1. Get lost in old Tbilisi. Without maps, and plan to just walk and enjoy the atmosphere.

Stand at the foot of the Jvari Church in Mtskheta, and you will discover the same kind of Lermontov's poem "The Novice." Dwelling houses sraspolozheny on steep rocky banks of the Kura River. There's even a waterfall. Downtown! All want to be seen to infinity: streets, balconies. decorated with carvings. A magnet cozy courtyards.

After the sun poured into the streets people - walk, talk. Work shops, open restaurants, works tirelessly funicular that connects Old Tbilisi and the modern part.

2. Visit crooked building Marionette Theater Rezo Gabriadze. Daily at 12.00 and 19.00 on the tower played puppet mini-performance. To see a great view of the inside, tickets must be booked in advance.

Top 7 Reasons to visit Georgia as a family /

3. Take a steam bath. Great vacation for the tired muscles after the tour!

Abanotubani- district in Tbilisi sulfur baths with photographic roofs. More than 1000 years of its existence, sulfur baths have become a real hallmark of Tbilisi. According to legend, it was thanks to them that the city got its name because in the translation "tbili" means "warm". Here you can see celebrities, foreign tourists and ordinary sellers to the local market.

Top 7 Reasons to visit Georgia as a family /

Seen common room - 3-4 lari. Massage - about 10 GEL.

4. Go to Mtskheta. About 20 kilometers from Tbilisi, and here it is - the holy of holies.

Once the first capital of the country, and now - the spiritual center of it. the most important and oldest churches here more than anywhere else it in Georgia. And in the Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli even kept one of the major shrines of Christianity - the chiton of Jesus Christ. In the same church crowned kings of all Georgian.

How to get to? From Tbilisi to Mtskheta, buses, taxis, trains and trains. And you can take a taxi.

5. Visit Borjomi. Here are the famous mineral water springs.

The most famous in Georgia climatic and spa resort is situated in 160 km from Tbilisi. Therapeutic mineral water directly from the source (in their Borjomi 2 - Golovinskiy and Catherine), sulfur baths, thermal pools, a mild climate, fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery - all contributes to relax here and recovery.

Top 7 Reasons to visit Georgia as a family /

The main local attraction - the cable car, built in '60 of the twentieth century. Interestingly, the plying of the bridge cubicle in appearance resembles the famous label on a bottle of "Borjomi".

What to see nearby. If possible, to visit the residence of the Romanovs in the village Likani, Akhaltsikhe fortress mountain lake Tabatskura.

6. Fall in love Sighnaghi. Perhaps this is the most romantic city in Georgia.

Built on a hilltop with views of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley. Small, with tiled roofs, winding streets, nice houses, Sighnaghi impresses. It has survived a powerful fortress wall with 23 towers - each is called a nearby village.

For lovers. In the city of love can get married without further ado and documents. Registry offices are open around the clock.

Top 7 Reasons to visit Georgia as a family /

7. Prepare for preponderance in the luggage. A lot of things I want to bring home to family and friends.

The road winds through the Sighnaghi to Alazani valley - the home of the most famous Georgian wines. Of course, you can not be here and not have to buy a bottle or two. And do not forget to stock up on delicious churchhelloy, nuts and spices. And by the way, these fragrant lemons and mandarins, in Georgia, you will not find anywhere else. Love jewelry? Note the Georgian cloisonné enamel - minankari. This technique is the local masters took over from the Byzantines.

Churchhella. Real (most delicious) is made from Saperavi grape variety. The rest - for tourists.

A tourist on a note

Currency - Gel (Gel 1 = about 10 USD).

Visa - need not

Flight from Kiev to Tbilisi It takes about 2.5 hours.

To help. Detailed information about Georgia are looking for on the site

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