Halloween 2019: how to celebrate Halloween in different countries

Halloween has become a modern international holiday, but its roots are in Ireland !!!

On the night of November 1, on the eve of All Saints' DayEurope celebrates Halloween.

It is believed that at this time of the fall turns into winter, and the souls of the dead descend to the ground. Together with them, ostensibly as our world gets, and any evil spirits. That evil spirits do not touch them, taking as their own, on this day people transform into fearsome characters, and for the protection of the house cut out jack-o'-lantern!


Halloween - the ancient Irish new year, has a Celtic origin. The ancient Celts believed that on how people celebrate Halloween and it depends on the welfare of the whole year. Irish in this day and finish work before night unnecessarily on the street do not come out.

It is believed that this is the night of the dead, and it is better not to disturb.

However, the younger generation, of course, prefer to celebrate Halloween on the American model, collecting sweets.

Halloween 2019: how to celebrate Halloween in different countries / istockphoto.com


Americans are beginning to celebrate Halloween long before October 31, themed pumpkins adorn almost all entertainment venues.

According to its popularity Halloween in America is not inferior to Christmas, and includes costume party, pumpkin carving competitions, parades and unclean, of course, ridiculous attempts to catch the apples in water mouth.

Great Britain

In England, this day is celebrated a little more restrained, prefer to organize theme days in castles and estates, as the British can for a fee to go down to the dungeon and wait there for the appearance of these ghosts ...

In pubs and restaurants offer visitors to drink ale and hunt for ghosts, catching apples also present.


On the night of November 1, the Chinese spend Ghost Festival, its essence is to appease the spirits food, symbolic money, paper, and other vehicles. All these gifts are then burned in the fire ritual.

Halloween 2019: how to celebrate Halloween in different countries / istockphoto.com

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