Mobile maid: how to bring order to your phone

Smartphone launched a "brake" and an urgent need to show the child a cartoon, to include entertainment application? Your phone may overloaded with unnecessary information. How to bring order to your phone?

Cell phone manufacturers are competing with each other, complicating the new model. At the same time, we are less aware of their mobile assistant and do not use many functions. Yes, and we do not really know how to clean. As a result, the smartphone is quickly filled with unnecessary information and begins to "slow down". Before you carry it in for repair or change, try to spend spring cleaning.

What can interfere with the operation or remove the excess?

1. Optimize your contact list. In just a few years of use, accumulate a large number of contacts, many of whom are unnecessary. To begin, you need to manually go through the cluttered phonebook and delete phone numbers on which you would never call. If you do never cleaned, unnecessary may be up to 50% of the contacts.

To bring order to the phone on the Android platform using Contacts Optimizer application. It allows you to sort the numbers and put into groups. The iPhone in order to optimize the sorting method uses the "Settings" - "Contact Us".

Mobile maid: how to clean up the phone /

2. Delete unwanted photos. The smartphone can accumulate not only your personal pictures, but also completely unnecessary images that are automatically loaded into memory when sending to a messenger group. Simple cleaning method: remove superfluous, and you need to reset a USB flash drive and also removed from the smartphone.

3. Get rid of the application. Many phones are sold with pre-loaded applications, some of which you do not need. For example, it may be set 5-6 messengers weighty game. Feel free to delete what you do not use. On Android: go to the main menu, click on the application icon and hold until the basket is displayed. Move it icon. On iOS: Touch the icon on the desktop and hold until the corners do not appear crosses. Then click on the cross.

Mobile maid: how to clean up the phone /

4. Clear text messages. Surely you have got a huge number of incoming messages. Not only personal, but also all sorts of codes of banks, advertising mailings, letters from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and so on. N. Walk on the SMS log, remove all unnecessary and valuable information (passwords, codes, and so constant. N.) Transfer to another location.

deep cleaning

An important stage in the general cleaning in a mobile phone - so nazyvavemaya Clear cache. This is a temporary data store, which contains a history of visits, searches, downloads and so on. N. On the device, created by the Android platform, clear the cache itself is possible.

We need to find in the settings of the "Applications" and then selecting a specific application, click the "Clear cache." Be careful when cleaning your browser history cleared visits and all the bookmarks. And when cleaning the navigator - loaded maps.

Mobile maid: how to clean up the phone /

Arrange everything on the shelves

If the gadget many applications, it is best to put them into folders. Create a folder can be one or two touches. The iPhone: Tap and hold until it tremble. Then drag it to another. IPhone itself will combine two icons in a folder. In some devices, on Android you can do the same by dragging one icon to another. But you can simply click on the icon, and appears the option "Create folder".

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