How to teach a child not to be afraid of water: 5 entertaining games

In the hot summer denechki we as parents strive to take children closer to the pond: the cottage to the river or lake or seaside resort. Games on the water, not only can be very fun and bring your child a lot of happy moments, but also useful in terms of health as well as emotional and psychological development.

We all remember the sun, air and water - best friends for Health and mild hardening of the body. So do not forbid your child plenty of splashing. The main thing - to make sure that the games were not only interesting but also safe. To do this, remember a few simple rules.


Baby should not just be in the water for more than 3 minutes, increasing the bathing time should be gradual, otherwise it can lead to hypothermia and cold.

As soon as the baby came ashore, it should be wiped with a towel and change into dry panties.

Open Water child shall be protected oversleeves, a circle or a vest.

water height at active games (e.g., ball) should not exceed 10 cm above the belt.

Do not forget about the means of protection for the skin against sunburn and light cap on his head.



1. The first thing to remember: in any case, not to persuade or encourage your child to swim, if he does not want it. And especially, do not bring it into the water against his will. At a minimum, it is permanently discourage his desire to swim, or even develop psychological problems.

2. Put the baby on the shore of an inflatable swimming pool and fill it with water, let it accustom to start.

3. Walk with your baby at the water's edge, sit down and pat the water by hand, ask the child to do the same.

4. Purchase crumbs brand-new toys, which can be played in the water and invite them to play together. Hardly a pipsqueak can resist such a temptation.

5. Be patient, do not rush and do not customize the child, let his familiarity with the body of water will gradually and naturally and moves with such speed to which it is currently preparing.

5 games to play SHIPS




The simplest option would be Tossing the ball from hand to hand. This game requires certain rules, but it's also very exciting. In addition, a small child will not be fun to play games with the tricky rules, because he no longer wants to pay his attention on compliance with these rules than the game itself. Pay attention to this option. It is made from durable environmentally friendly material and is suitable for both games on the water and on land.

SHARK, catching a small fish


This game is suitable for very young fishermen, and for the older kids. Game rules are very simple: with the help of two mesh predatory sharks to catch bright fish (in a set of 3 yellow and 3 red). Scarce can play it with you or make a real championship with their peers. You will only need to come up with a prize for the winner and make sure that the participants carried away, did not go into the depths.



Another game in tournaments where all local children can participate. Baby can not only have fun, but also to practice in accuracy and agility. It's very simple: you have to take the rattle-fish, throw in the pool, taking aim at the middle - a shark's mouth. The winner is the one who will score more than the target fish.



In this entertaining game pipsqueak can play with your friends, both in water and on land. Rules of the game are exactly the same as in the present badminton, but to cope with light rackets, baby sharks will be much easier. The game trains precision, good eye, develops coordination and simply delivers a lot of happy emotions.



When the crumb quite settled into the water, it comes time to begin to teach him to swim. In the circle or vest child feels safe, but learning to swim is quite difficult, because they keep afloat, and the child can not float independently in these devices. For this purpose, the board is perfect for swimming. The child will hold on to her arms and legs to paddle. The main thing is that the training was held under the supervision of your baby and, emboldened, do not go too deep. Enjoy your holiday!

Also, be sure to read the opinion of psychologists, why all children, without exception, it is so important to play with dolls. Aigrushki to teach the crumbs are not afraid of water, you can buy Online Market UMH.