Frottazh: unusual crafts for children of autumn leaves. Master Class

Let us learn frottazh - an unusual technique of painting, which is great for the little ones. Suit autumn leaves of different sizes and textures, as well as your imagination!

The name comes from the French frotter - "rubbing, rubbing." This alternative art Technics, Which uses a strong shading - a pencil rubbing motion. Certainly as a child, many of you put a sheet of paper on top of the coin and much shade. As a result, the paper receives the exact painted copy. This is frottazh!

Autumn leaves of different sizes and textures, with ragged edges and thick veins - an excellent material to master this technique with the baby.

How to make a drawing in the style of frottazh master class

You will need:

  • leaves of different trees, large and small
  • oil or wax crayons (you can take and ordinary pencils, but they will injure the leaves and re-use them is no longer possible)
  • white paper sheets of A4 or A3
  • glue stick (it does not deform the paper and it does not yellow)
  • a sheet of heavy paper (for watercolors, pastels) or board density 200 g / m³ or higher
  • simple scissors or curly
  • paint, crayons, markers, or other drawing materials (needed for decorating the background)

Frottazh: unusual crafts for children of autumn leaves / open sources

2. Put a sheet of paper on the table. Place the leaves on it streaked upward. Top cover with a clean sheet.

3. Holding one hand all the layers, then polish another slate top. If you use several small, that come fascinating iridescent prints. The colors may be different. Let the child will make them even blue. Why not? In the fantasy world, everything is possible!

Frottazh: unusual crafts for children of autumn leaves / open sources

4. Cut leaves. First, roughly cutting the excess paper. This is to ensure that the object retained the beautiful appearance and hesitated. Then carefully cut along the contour curly or straight scissors.

5. Lay composition on cardboard or heavy paper. The easiest option - to portray a forest park. Then the leaves turn into trees. First, add the necessary details by painting them with markers or paints. When the background is ready, stick the "trees."

Frottazh: unusual crafts for children of autumn leaves / open sources

Tips on how to work with leaves

Collected leaves and draw plan tomorrow or the next day? Put them in a bag and put it in the fridge, otherwise they wither.

unusually shaped leaves give imagination run wild. Pririsuem mustache - get a butterfly tail - a bird of paradise. frottazh technique is suitable for drawing with the children since 1.5-2 years.

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