Normal cleaning humidifiers and cleaning for the lazy

Hello! I work as a doctor for 21 years. My name is George O. Sapego. This article will tell you about how you need and how you can take care of the humidifier.

From my previous publications on this topic can be concluded that the household humidifier - this is a very controversial device. The humidifier is needed for comfort. This is completely optional appliance. And like any device, gives us pleasure, the humidifier should be and should not be abused to perform some of the rules of use.

Cleaning the humidifier - a single song

Manufacturers would like to see their device is working properly, not too harmful for the user and the time broke, had a chance to sell the next instance. Therefore, each manufacturer recommendations for the care of the device.

Most often, the manufacturer offers to fill the humidifier cold tap water.

If you have a home set raschudesny reverse osmosis filter, but a humidifier with the traditional type, then do not try to fill the humidifier demineralised water. From her infection to grow faster. Fill cold tap water. Such water typically contains residues of chlorine, which will restrain the growth of microbes.

Each day it is necessary to pour water from the humidifier yesterday and wipe dry with a clean dry rag all contact with the water surface.

Every third day it is necessary to arrange the humidifier good cleaning, washing it with hot water with detergent and well scour deposits sponge or cloth.

Every few days, you need a humidifier be disinfected. The official recommendations are offered to do it by scrubbing deposits 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Some manufacturers offer a humidifier to handle domestic bleach.

For Americans home chlorine - that something containing 5 - 8% sodium hypochlorite. For us, it can be Domestos or White. One teaspoon of this agent is diluted in four liters of water and poured into the tank of the humidifier on the hour. Then rinsed well.

Supplements and additives in humidifiers

People want to be lazy and to pass on to someone responsible for cleaning the humidifier. humidifier manufacturers are going to meet customers and offer a surcharge special supplements and additives.

Someone is selling silver bars for humidifiers. This is such a small object the size of a little finger, which looks like a mesh of silver wire. I do not know exactly what it's made. Perhaps the silver.

Silver in the water is added back in the old days. Now in the Nordic countries in some places use filters for water with silver. Maybe some meaning in it and there.

Then there are additives in traditional humidifiers. Remember, we talked about humidifiers traditional type? It is the safest humidifiers. Security is provided by vaporizing paper filters. It is literally a paper cut in a grid like a Christmas garland and rolled into a multilayer filter.

Paper filters by capillary effect perfectly absorb water and it gradually evaporated.

It is clear that kisnuschaya in dirty water blotter can not long remain fresh. Therefore, such filter life period of 1 - 3 months. And they are not cheap. You can filter periodically soaked in citric acid and bleach, but it's hard.

Manufacturers of such paper promokashek sell special tools. I do not know exactly what they are made, but some chemicals. It slows the growth of bacteria in the filter. With traditional moisturizers such number may go through because of the blotter paper chemistry is not volatilized. Much worse when the additive is added to the traditional type humectants conventionally. This so-called "air wash". About them is another story.

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