TOP-9 craft of paper with the children for a great entertainment

You think what to do with the child? I have an idea! Session with the paper and trains perseverance developing fine motor skills. Turn it into a fun game. Why not try?

It is known that it is not important, what to do with the child, and how to do it - with or without interest. Games, we will offer you, do not require you to either a lot of effort, no special training, no investments, but will be of interest to children and adults and will bring variety to everyday life. Just do not do anything for the child. Just a lot of prompts and praise!

1. construct notebook

Sew 5-6 sheets of paper in a book. Trim the edges so as to obtain a figure: butterfly, heart, herringbone. Notebook is ready, you can begin to do: draw the outline of a pen or a finger baby, leave imprints of their lips, you can draw eyes and your kid (real color), funny pictures, paste a ticket from the circus, cinema, museum - do not limit child.

2. magic rain

This game is aimed at the baby has learned to cut paper. Thin strips of toss-up: Get as an unusual rain.

3. Plane

Who as a child did not make a paper plane? Teach your toddler is now. With this puzzles easily handle kids from 2 years. Prompt, that paper is better to choose medium density, and then fly the airplane will continue. With flowers, too, is possible and necessary to experiment.

4. paper ball

Crumpled paper ball striking and throw them into each other. It is not painful, safe and fun! You can join hands ring in the form of a basket, and let the child throws the ball in her paper. And you will rejoice along the way he aptly throws.

TOP-9 craft of paper with the children for a great entertainment /

5. Dinosaur

The kid loves to play with the animals? Do not buy plush dust collectors. Make your favorite hero together - from paper using origami techniques. Of course, the dinosaur fold the baby just will not work, start with a snake or a frog.

6. nautilus

Make a boat and put it on a long voyage, even in a pool or bath - the dream of any child. You will need sheets of colored paper and scissors. Tell me baby, that boat can be named and decorate a homemade flag.

TOP-9 craft of paper with the children for a great entertainment /

7. Birds, titmouse

Draw on colored paper birds separately draw wings and tail elements. All this must be cut, and then paste the wings and "feathers" on the tail. With this easy to handle a child. Ideal glue stick will do. Now make a hole in the trunk and pull the rope through it. Show your child that the bird can spin in the air - and it will fly!

8. Butterfly

Explain that it is important that each element had its color, then turn bright butterfly. The wings - in the form of 4-sheeted florets, torso - rectangular, folded into a cylinder. What are the horns and decorations on the wings - trust imagination of the young artist.

9. Fruits

First, cut the template out of cardboard. It should look like half of the fruit. Let the child applies it to the colored paper and looks around - the more such details, he does, the more volume will hack. Cut a rectangle of paper and twist it into a thin cylinder (the foundation) and the tail of the fruit. Stick in a circle on the basis of prepared items. Cut leaves and glue them on top of the tail. Done!

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