10 things that must be cleaned every day

What items in the house should be cleaned and disinfected every day to maintain order in the house and your health?

Every day we are faced with billions bacteria and dirt, but not all we can get rid of by simply washing your hands after using the toilet or street. There are non-obvious things that accumulate on themselves a lot of harmful microbes and need to be cleaned every day.

1. Smartphone

Phone travels with us throughout the day: in your bag, in your pocket, we take it with unwashed hands, put on different surfaces in the home and outside it, use the phone a hundred times a day. As a result, smartphone per day accumulates more malware germs than a toilet bowl rim.

phone's surface must be treated with an antiseptic wipe daily. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of disinfecting liquid, so it does not damage the inside of your smartphone. Ideally, it should be cleaned after each exit to the street. But even if you were at home all day, at least once to clear a smartphone from unnecessary germs can not hurt.

2. Remote controller

Remote control for the TV, air conditioner, heater and other smart devices commonly used by several people in the family. And not always in front of this thoroughly washed hands. As a result, control is often not only becomes sticky and greasy, but also full of pathogens. It may also include a mouse home (and especially the working!) Computer. On it, as on the remote control to quickly accumulate a huge amount of bacteria. At least because of the habit of eating in front of TV or computer. Wipe clean with antiseptic, and the mouse, and remote control need not less than once a day.

3. the keys

Another subject, along with a phone that roams us out of the house, through dirty hands, and back. Keys often fall to the ground or just on the floor, and then we put their home on the table, pass from hand to hand and completely forget to watch their purity. Hold in their hands the keys, then we can say without a second thought to touch your face or the face of the child. Because it is important that this subject, which takes us through many trials and microbes, at least once a day, subjected to purification.

4. Kitchen towels

Towel - one of the dirtiest things in the kitchen. Even if it seems that they do not look very stained and did not have a bad smell, the day they manage to accumulate millions of small dirt. Firstly, not always (never) they wipe well-washed hands with soap and water. A hand in the kitchen in contact with dirty vegetables, raw meat, fish, garbage, etc. Second, your home probably often tempted to wipe a towel something spilled on the floor - simply because they take a towel most likely, it is always under the hand. Third, even washed the dishes are not always perfectly clean. And when you rub it - add a few more millions of bacteria on the towel. Kitchen towels definitely need to change to fresh every day. And if you have a really big family in one housing - for example, 6 adults and 3 children - and then 2 times a day.

5. Sponge for washing dishes

Everyone knows how much dirt and germs accumulated on the sponge for dishes, which is used most often, one for all: plates, cups, pans - someone even stove and sink washing the same washcloth. If you have the ability and desire - a sponge for dishes can be disinfected every day by placing a few minutes in the microwave or soaking in special solutions with strong cleaners. By the way, be careful in the microwave the sponge can begin to melt. But the faster and easier it will be easy to change the sponge for washing dishes every day. If you buy a small sponge, it would not be sorry to part with them on a daily basis.

6. Tiles in the bathroom and the sink in the kitchen

Constant spray water accumulating on the tile and allowed thick plaque and dirt. In order not to suffer later, you need to clear the tiles are now. That is, after each taking a shower to wipe the tile in the bath area of ​​technical good absorbent towel. After each washing and hand-washing - the tile near the sink. After washing the dishes, and just at the end of the day - a tile near the kitchen sink. This should become a habit, along with dry hands. Then the tiles in your home will always be in tidy condition and should not have to wash chemistry in general cleaning.

7. Sinks and faucets

It sounds like a call to do a full cleaning every day, but really it's just a matter of habit. If you train yourself at the end of each day to wash the sink and wipe dry taps, your apartment will always look as if you are waiting for the guests and for them tidied.

Kitchen sink necessarily need to wash every day, because it assumes and dirty foods, and leftovers, and much more. During the day the area around it is enough to wipe dry specially designated for that towel. When your job is to sink at the end of the day completed, you can wash it technical sponge with a small amount of dishwashing detergent.

Sink in the bath can be washed with a small amount of liquid soap. This will effectively remove plaque, but do so little cleaning can be directly during the toothbrushing.

Mixers simply wipe after each use dry towel specifications - that is the fact that you do not wipe your hands, face, body, bowl. Also mixers are well washed with liquid soap, toothpaste, vinegar, baking soda.

8. kitchen countertop

On it during the day time to visit and products, and children, and pets, and keys, and smart phones, and bags, and so much more. Before and after each cooking countertop should be thoroughly disinfected.

9. Coffee maker

Regardless of whether you are an avid coffee lover or drink a cup of coffee from time to time, the coffee maker should be washed thoroughly after each use. Otherwise, it very quickly be acquired mold. Only carefully removing traces of coffee and excess fluid from the coffee machine, you can protect yourself from this harmful phenomenon.

10. Footwear

Every day we bring to the streets on the shoe a lot of dust, dirt and germs. Wash (wipe) shoes and carefully take care of it every day is necessary. Sole should be well washed with warm soapy water, and for the upper part of care in accordance with the material from which it is made, and the manufacturer's instructions.

If you will enter into the habit of washing shoes at the end of each day, in the morning will not have problems to walk around the house in it, if you have already put on his boots, but forgot to take any thing. In addition, the cleanliness and grooming of shoes says about the person more good than its price.

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