Alphabet needlewoman: how to sew a toy from nylon

Normal nylon sock can be a great tool for making different toys and accessories.

To learn this business is easy, because everything is done with the help of stitches on simple sock that helps create interesting faces toys. We offer a simple manufacturing scheme sweet pupae of nylon sock.

How to sew a toy from nylon / open sources

To work need:

  • nylon sock;
  • hollofayber or sintepon;
  • colored socks;
  • needle, thread, scissors;
  • beads.

How to make a toy-doll sock from nylon

1. Cut off the toe gum, twist it into a small ball, and sew the toe already filled hollofaybera.

How to sew a toy from nylon / open sources

2. The tip of the nose is necessary to pull the string, split toe almost equal halves (for the head must be a little more), and move back as much filler as possible.

How to sew a toy from nylon / open sources

3. Then hollofayber distribute evenly over the bottom of the sock, and stitches envisage handle and pupae legs.

4. Next, cut the colored socks, folded in half part with an elastic band and dress on the Pups.

How to sew a toy from nylon / open sources

To simulate the cuffs and collar, sew the toe to the handles and under the neck Pups.

5. For the manufacture of caps need to go with a needle and thread in a part of colored socks, where the factory seam a little pull and fasten thread.

6. Glazik and mouth doll can be done by means of beads or acrylic paints.

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