10 craft of wine corks: the second life of unnecessary things

After a celebratory feast master crafts are an excellent material for creativity - wine cork. What useful things can be made from wine corks?

For large items, and need a lot of traffic jams, for small enough small amount. But even from several cylinders can be make a lot of useful things.


Let's start with a simple frame for a picture, poster or genre pictures. It needs painting simple frame and glue gun. If the frame size is not a multiple of the size of the plug, adjust the shape office knife. In the same way we do a board for notes and reminders housekeeper.


Masters framed mirror caps, having the cylinders at the perimeter of a rectangle, a circle, in the form of rays, a herringbone pattern. In this horizontal position stoppers alternated with rings cut from cork Prototyping knife.


For a flat pad need more than 200 caps. Calculate the number required in accordance with the dimensions of the sides of the finished product, the length and width are multiples of a single tube. They will still need mockup mat and a writing knife and metal ruler and a glue gun. Each plug cut lengthwise into two equal parts, lightly grind the unevenness with fine sandpaper.

Place the plug on the prototyping mat flat side down, picking up the same height in each row. We make marks on the same size rectangular segment dense tissue with extra allowances for 2 centimeters on each side. Paste the plug turns, bends and align the edge of the mat. If you set every detail vertically need frame outline of wooden planks and a tighter bottom.


Of small quantities of material are obtained original kitchen accessories. For example, holders for napkins in our selection of different shapes and sizes.


Perfectly suited for the kitchen as a panel bar and a beer theme. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, first place the plug without sticking, adjust the image, then fixed with adhesive. Creating paintings start from the individual fragments, gradually filling up the free wall.


Do not forget to draw in the same style flower pots, vases and even the urn for rubbish. Lost its former beauty tank will look fresh and new way.


Girls used cork to create a kind of organizer. The hooks can be embedded (screwed) in the tube end and the long side. The upper part of the organizer is well decorate with colored beads. Now, all the decorations are clearly visible, the beads do not get tangled, each rezinochka, hairpin and chain in place.


Get creative, and a variety of useful ideas arise by themselves. See how elegant decorative heart with a bow, a comfortable and stable stand for smartphone headphone holder. A circular piece of rubber webbing, threaded through holes in the tube, with the ends tied securely lock wire assemblies.


Also be sure to ask aboutwhat can be done from an egg shell and the capsules from the Kinder Surprise

Photos in the text of the open-source