Fairy house out of an old suitcase: a master class, part 3

Getting acquainted with the amazing dollhouse - fantastic world in which they live our dreams. And the first part of the article, you can see here and here.

To begin construction of a small house with simple models better rooms. Of the two sheets of cardboard rectangular prepare to build cruciform structure mounted on the floor, which is the basis. Get four rooms that need to be finished according to their purpose: for the kitchen to pick up the walls self-adhesive film for the living room - a beautiful paper with curls, for the bedroom - a romantic small drawing.


These rooms may be located in one and two storeys, and will not prevent the cardboard roof.


Doll room quickly and easily turn out of shoe boxes of the same size. Locate such smart apartments can be horizontally and vertically. They fit you like a set of furniture and even a dentist!


In recent years become very popular rumboksy - separate rooms, which are drawn and filled as works of art. Here, each subject performed masterfully and is very expensive. Such rooms usually are not designed for games, and for the beauty of exhibitions, collections.


Interesting idea to use rumboksov, and just Puppet rooms, unnecessary luggage. And the more years the suitcase, the more it is appreciated by amateurs vintage.


Bags are convenient because they do not have to clean up toys, all of which are in the room, one can only close the lid.


Kind of doll houses, which you can take with you on the go - soft houses in the form of bags with interior decoration. Sew such housing is not easy, you need every part of the house cut out of cardboard, paste over with a cloth on the basis of soft padding polyester, neatly sew and add accessories: handles, buckles. For this work will take time, materials and craftsmanship, but it's worth it!

And be sure to ask, how out of scrap materials can make an unusual beauty.